Metatarsal cushion – one size

Metatarsal cushion containing silicone padding at the base. The cushion design allows minimal movement in the shoe and keeps the pad secure under foot.

Its unique design cushions and supports the entire metatarsal area, i.e. the width across the ball joint, to make walking easier and pleasurable once again.

Ideal for treating metatarsalgia – a common foot disorder that causes pain in the metatarsal area. Often the pain is due to excessive pressure over a long period of time and isn’t helped by ill-fitting footwear.

It also helps treat “Burning feet” – a common complaint that often has no physical signs (although there may be some redness and swelling present). Diabetics are often affected with burning feet due to neuropathy (impaired nerves) and could benefit greatly from using a metatarsal cushion.

A cushion is a simple way of getting your foot into the proper alignment when standing, walking or running. This can mean you don’t have to experience ongoing foot pain anymore. A cushion takes the weight off the metatarsal bones which relieves the pain instantly.