2S Technical support

We will be pleased to work with you in order to accomplish your technical needs and to undertake a service of yours or of your collaborators’ medical/laboratory equipment.

2S Foot Scan

Visit 2S Shop (Patroklou 15 & Mesis Anatolis, Ilion, Athens) and take a FREE Foot Scan in order to get the ideal customized orthotic insoles for you.

2S Kids' series

Orthopedic products for kids. Great range of colours and designs, excellent quality.


To provide care and comfort to people in need, patients & care-givers, with our products while having the obligation to be consistent in all phases of our business... Read more...


We invest in new orthopedic-constructions, new materials & technologies, to optimize the quality of our products... Read more...


The "Well Being" refers to finding ways to improve our lives through small changes in our daily lives... Read more...