Foot Scan – Orthotic Insoles

Our feet support our body every day and their task is our movement. During walking, body weight is concentrated on the foot and the ankle joint. When our foot has some kind of deformity/anomaly, our body posture changes, it is not correct, and it is possi ... click for more

Anatomic pillow and the proper sleeping posture

There is nothing better than to wake up refreshed and full of energy! The night's sleep relaxes when it is comfortable and in proper conditions. But restful sleep means suitable pillow. The pillow and mattress that we use is of great importance for a good ... click for more


Hernia is displayed or output an abdominal viscus or organ through the abdominal wall, following the course of a normal or orifice, or an abnormal nozzle.A normal orifice could be e.g. the navel or the inguinal canal through which the vas deferens lea ... click for more