Our Strategy

In 2S, we are monitoring new developments in the wider Health sector and we are always ready to adapt to the new conditions and to the Market’s challenges.

As the consumers’ needs related to Hospital Services and Homecare are increased because of the various and constant changes in the National Healthcare System imposed by the State, in correlation with the reduction of the per capita income of the consumers, 2S is trying to respond consistently and at the same time in a flexible way towards those changes, by implementing a strategic plan filled with perspective for the company itself, its customers and partners.

In 2S, our strategy is planned and revised continuously, always catching up with the demands and the needs of the local and global Healthcare Market.

For this reason, we focus our attention on the development of some long-term strategic objectives such as:

  • Actively managing our portfolio
  • Strengthening our top brands and promoting them more dynamically
  • Focusing on emerging markets  for Exports and Franchise of the 2S brand
  • Improving  the operational excellence of our products through special certification procedures
  • Investing in new technologies, in the design and the launching of innovative products through R & D programs supported by specialized scientific staff
  • Focusing on our customers and consumers
  • Strengthening our OTC products marketed through pharmacies and Orthopedic Retailers with new product categories (personal hygiene disposables, diagnostic tests, skincare products and ointments against myosceletical pain etc.)
  • Strengthening our Company’s research activity(R & D) by developing new products based on “smart» 3D three-dimensional fabrics with beneficial medical properties
  • Achieving agreements with Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing homes for the provision of both products and services according to their needs, aiming at the significant reduction of their procurement costs.