Relieve Care / Home Care

Relieve Care is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Active, holistic care of people whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment.

The primary purpose is the quality of life, the control of the pain and addressing psychosocial and spiritual needs of patients with disease at all stages of their illness. The provision of such care is manifested from the beginning of the diagnosis of a disease intensifies but in a short period or non-progression. Additionally, referring generally to the care of patients we see a change in the culture and perception of its provision.

The term can be found in midĀ 20th century, in England (1967) as Cicely Saunders hostel (hospice) St. Kitts to offer care to cancer patients. Today most of the prevalence of the philosophy of palliative care, which applies to all stages of a chronic disease or a general will say geriatric care in domestic settings, the patient is placed at the center and the family plays the basic role of caregiver.

The focus of care is the patient and his family. Exercise palliative care is provided by a well-coordinated team consisting of a specialist doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, but also qualified suppliers in the health sector, which are responsible for the most functional and therapeutic well-spatial organization hosting the within the home environment. The driving force behind this effort is easy and possible more humane living and living the majority of stakeholders under one roof.

In Greece the responsibility for managing the care of a patient lies on the members of the same family (spouse, children). It isĀ almost imperative to ensure a high quality of care with appropriate use of public resources provided for maximum relief so patients, and the providers themselves.
The term home care, essentially refers to the daily activities performed by the average person, such as developing bathe or wash, getting dressed, being transported in the bathroom and use the toilet, eat and move means someone or some areas. In short, the minimum daily care to be given to the man himself.