Abdominal and Rib support belt, neoprene, in various sizes

This abdominal and rib belt combines firm support with superior comfort. Made from Breathe-O-Prene®, it helps deliver oxygen back to the skin’s surface, which aids in healing and tissue recovery. This improves circulation, promotes wound healing, minimizes bruising and reduces swelling.

In S, M, L & XL.

It provides the firm support of Neoprene, without the heat retention or skin irritation. It also wicks moisture and heat away from the skin, leaving the body cooler, drier and more comfortable. The thin profile is meant to be worn under clothing and one size fits all design makes it easy to use.

What is an abdominal belt? An abdominal belt is a type of bandage used to wrap around an individual’s abdomen in order to provide support. It is usually made from high-quality elastic materials and stretchable fabrics. This is commonly used by individuals during their exercise routines in order to achieve a trimmer abdomen. Patients who underwent abdominal surgeries, and women who had cesarean operations also use abdominal belts for support. With this belt on, they are more confident in moving around and in doing simple activities, thus promoting a faster recovery. There are several types of abdominal belts. Some abdominal belts are utilized for medical purposes. These types of belts are often designed with size adjustments and loop-and-hook panels for a more secure hold. After an abdominal surgery, patients are frequently advised to use this type of abdominal belt for abdominal support. The belt also promotes toning of the abdominal muscles and secures surgical incisions against sneezing, coughing, and sudden movements. Aside from these reasons, abdominal support belts are also worn by individuals in order to relieve pain in the back caused by muscle weakness and injuries.

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