All items bearing 2S logo are of high quality.

2S is certified with ISO for technical support and service of medical & laboratory equipment (ISO 13485_2012 and ISO 9001_2008)

In our facilities there is adequacy of spare parts for our products, which also have a warranty.
We will be pleased to work with you in order to accomplish your technical needs and to undertake a service of yours or of your collaborators’ medical/laboratory equipment.

If you have any questions about instructions or you are not satisfied with the product/equipment purchased, or there is a problem with the materials/manufacturing of the 2S products, our representatives are at your disposal:

  • For any questions or clarifications
  • For instructions for use, (most products 2S carry instructions within the packaging. If you have lost them or can’t find them, call us and we will e-mail you a copy).
  • For repairing (for products under warranty)

Call to +30-210-2322012-013 or send us an e-mail at